Closed Circuit TV

What do most successful businesses have in common? Management that knows the what, when, where, and who of their business. Keeping track of employees, product, customers, and security breeches can be a daunting task. The ability to quickly and easily review these activities can mean the difference between a thriving business and a struggling business.

With a CCTV system, you can monitor nearly every aspect of your business. A properly designed system will not only keep an eye on your entrance and exit points but can also be programmed to perform controlled video tours after hours. With local or remote monitoring and recording, you can rest easily knowing that even when you are not there your CCTV systems is keeping a watchful eye over your most valuable assets.

Mako specializes in engineering digital CCTV systems that utilize the optimum number of images per second to provide smooth, continuous playback. Depending upon your needs, Mako can recommend the proper amount of hard disk space to store CCTV video. In some instances recording over every seven days is adequate, while other situations may demand 60 days, 90 days, or more.

Mako designs, installs and services:

  • Digital and Analog Systems
  • Network Cameras
  • LAN and WAN Systems
  • Covert Systems
  • Small stand alone Systems
  • Large Enterprise Systems