Intrusion Systems

Mako designs intrusion systems with multiple layers of protection.

These important layers include:

  • Outdoor Property Perimeter Protection
  • Building Perimeter Protection
  • Interior Protection
  • Personal Protection

We begin with outdoor property perimeter protection using beam sets, fence sensors, in-ground seismic detection, outdoor lighting, and cameras. The second layer of protection covers the building perimeter with door contacts, window contacts, glass break detectors, and roof access protection. Using interior motion detectors, beam sets, and ground sensors, we design the interior layer of protection. The final layer of personnel protection includes keypad panic buttons, wireless panic buttons, and a safe room equipped with a cellular phone.

Mako integrates these multiple layers in order to provide its clients with several opportunities to help prevent a breach of security. Should one layer be comprised the next layer of protection offers another opportunity to protect your valuable assets—your employees and your property.