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Access Control

A well-designed access control system begins with the perimeter of your property. To control access to your business, you must consider a variety of entry points such as: pedestrian access, employee vehicle access, visitor access, and delivery access. To help safeguard your employees, property, and company assets, it is vitally important to know who is accessing your property and when. With a properly designed access control system, you decide not only who is allowed access but where and when access is allowed. Access control reports can be generated to help you monitor certain areas or activities.

Some areas of your business may demand an even higher level of security than a traditional access control system. For high security areas, Mako Systems can design a system that requires a person to have certain credentials or clearances before access is granted. For example, during regular business hours, an authorized employee would be required to present only his access card to a card reader. If the employee is programmed to be allowed access to that specific area at that specific time, the door will unlock. After regular business hours, however, the access system would require an additional security check such as a personal identification number, a finger print, or even a retinal scan of the eye to confirm identity before allowing access.

With a properly designed and installed access control system, you can also monitor a variety of input devices such as: intrusion system devices, heating and air conditioning systems as well as cameras located throughout your facility. An access control system can help save money on electricity and gas by regulating when heating and air conditioning systems are used. In multi-tenant buildings, the system can track tenant usage of heating and air conditioning, allowing the owner to bill for additional after-hours usage. An access control system can also be integrated into a CCTV system, thus allowing for a possible reduction in the number security guards. Mako Systems will work with you to design an integrated system that will not only meet your current requirements, but will also allow flexibility to accommodate future needs.